New Coronavirus Restrictions in Scotland:

What You Need to Know September 25th 2020

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled a range of new restrictions in order to combat the rise in Covid-19 infections.

Government regulations on COVID-19 are changing  frequently. Before you travel, you need to ensure you have checked and understood the relevant regulations applicable to you, your location, your destination and the make-up of your party and it is your responsibility to comply with such regulations.

We have set out below our understanding of the regulations relevant to party size and regional restrictions for Scotland as of 25th September 2020. 

Please note that the below is not legal advice and you must make sure you familiarise yourself with the relevant government regulations.

The main announcements in the First Ministers statement to parliament were as follows:

There will be a nationwide curfew of 10pm from Friday 25thSeptember for pubs and restaurants. The Scottish Government do not rule out further restrictions – including closure – if guidance on hygiene, facemasks, social distancing are not complied with.

From Friday 25th September 2020, visiting other households indoors will not be permitted in Scotland including Self Catering Accommodation’s & Caravan Parks.

These new restrictions may not necessarily be in place for 6 months, and will be reviewed every 3 weeks, and the FM hopes that the new measures will be in place for a shorter period if people stick to the rules.

The ASSC has obtained legal clarification from the Scottish Government that the bans on visiting other households indoors has now been extended to self-catering accommodations. This is also the case for all private dwellings: hotels, hostels, members clubs, boarding houses or bed and breakfasts. The new restrictions apply to people’s homes and commercial accommodation businesses.

Self-catering businesses, like others within the tourism and hospitality sector, remain open to receive visitors if existing guidelines are adhered to.